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#WTFix Tweet Chat Recap: @LillyStairs & @_SolChen

On the heels of another great #WTFix Wednesday, here are the action items our hosts (Lilly Stairs and Sol Chen from Clara Health) have left us to think about this week:

Make a difference, don’t let indifference make you (Lilly’s personal mantra!): Sol saw a problem with the healthcare system and didn’t just keep walking. She stopped and did something about it. She urges others to do the same- don’t let unacceptable health care practices continue.

Leverage the power of your strengths to facilitate change: Lilly identified her strengths and uses them to support fellow patients and change healthcare.

Team up: It takes a village! Collaborate. Collaborate with stakeholders from across the continuum.

And now for the recap from the chat! Be sure to always stay up to date on #WTFix and keep sharing your thoughts and ideas while making great new connections.