What's the Fix? (#WTFix) is a movement started by HealthSparq in 2017 that focuses on helping the health care industry learn from people. We’re not aiming to fix health care at the macro-level with What's the Fix?, we’re looking to inspire people to commit to making the changes and to fix the areas they can. We do this by collecting and promoting patient stories that connect us and the health care industry as a whole to the actual people that the industry serves.

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An obituary for health care

When Lucas Artusi, a systems designer at the Design Institute for Health at Dell Medical School introduced Dr. Toyin Ajayi at this year's #WTFix conference, he shared two amazing things he'd asked her to write: a New York Times Obituary for...

Wondering Why by Bryce Olson

We are thrilled to share the first-ever #WTFix music video by 2018 speaker, Bryce Olson. This song was performed live at the conference and Bryce has also shared the lyrics below. Enjoy!  Song #1 – Wondering Why by Bryce Olson...

What’s The Fix? 2018: The Power of Community to Make Change

Most health care conferences have speakers and presentations and, sometimes, stories. The 2018 What’s the Fix? Conference had all that, but the biggest difference was the people presenting. The presenters were patients, caregivers and patient advocates—people who are driven by...