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Announcing the patient experience symposium scholarship recipients

This year we’re all about trying new things with #WTFix and are thrilled to sponsor an opportunity for two patients to attend the upcoming Patient Experience Symposium in Boston, May 1-3, 2019. Our hope is that these individuals bring their stories and opinions to the health care industry leaders at the conference and play a role in bringing the patient voice into the center of the conversation.

We were inspired, and overwhelmed, by all the applicants who shared their amazing stories and incredible passion to change health care with our team in this process. And, we are excited to share some of these stories over the coming weeks and months.

Without further ado, here are the two incredible patients who will be attending the upcoming Patient Experience Symposium as scholarship recipients. We can’t wait to share more about them and see how they contribute to the event and #WTFix!

Lisa Deck (@lbdeck)
I am a four-time stroke survivor, a rare disease patient with Moyamoya Disease, a mom, a non-profit founder, motivational speaker and passionate advocate. I’ve spent the past two decades advocating for stroke and heart disease and pushing to include patient perspectives and stories – including mine – to make a difference.

Patients are experts at being a patient, knowing their illness and advocating for themselves.  Most patients also have a community of supportive patients at their disposal. Please turn to us with specific concerns, questions or ideas. I know that I don’t want others to go through what I did so I would love to help!

Emily McIntosh (@mcintose)

I am a student and a patient (grade 3 brain cancer), a caregiver (work casually at a retirement home), a patient advocate (mostly neurological diseases and oncology), and a researcher (PhD candidate in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences). 

I would have more medical educators working within health care. They could do knowledge translation for the doctors and save the physician’s time while helping to guide patients. Individuals should be empowered so that they can make informed health decisions and should have a specific individual that they can ask questions of. Patients should not be discharged after surgery without any guidance about the issues they might face and what particular aspects they should be aware of.


We’ll be tweeting and sharing information during the Patient Experience Symposium so be sure to follow us at #WTFix and #PatExpSym.