2017 Conference

We’re committed to changing health care!

Why are we asking you to make a commitment to change health care – even something as small as listening to others? It’s because we created and hosted #WTFix, a day full of individuals that looked into the face of the health care monster and said, “bring it on,” to making change. The people who shared their stories at the conference were not born patient advocates or seasoned health care navigators – they took action and make positive change because they had to. We can all be inspired by their experiences – their grit – and hopefully we all walked away from the day knowing that we have the power to change the odds for ourselves and for others – and that power will only be amplified by banding together.

Our community will keep going – and keep growing – to work toward putting people at the center of health care. We are not naïve. We know we aren’t going to change health care overnight or even over several years. But, we can all change something and changing something is better than changing nothing. Even if we can change just one conversation between one patient and one doctor, we are having an impact.

Here are some examples of commitments people have already made to change health care to help inspire you to make your own! (Learn more about how to make an #IAmTheFix commitment right here).