Finally, people recognizing people

There are a lot of awards in health care. Awards for best web sites, best customer service, best health care execs…the list goes on. 

You know what there aren’t a lot of awards for in health care? PEOPLE!!!! 

There aren’t many awards for the people around which an industry exists. The patients, the caregivers, the advocates. The people who drive the need, and the need for change, in a system that’s well acknowledged to be broken.

That’s why we are so excited, and truly honored, to be nominated for the Healthcare Collaborator: Company award by WEGO Health. WEGO Health represents people and is working to bridge the gap between the health care industry and the people they serve. This isn’t just an average industry group giving out awards, its a truly amazing organization that has people nominate and endorse the nominees. The process is run by people, making the awards even more meaningful. 

WEGO Health has also been an incredible partner of ours here at HealthSparq. They were instrumental in helping make What’s the Fix? (#WTFix) such a big success. Their incredible patient leaders have shared their stories with us and, through us, with the world. And, we get to continually share ideas and look for new ways to work together to reach our shared mission: putting people and patients at the center of the health care conversation to move the industry forward.

So, we’re excited. We’re excited because we are up for an award given by a company who’s mission matches ours: putting people first in health care. If you’re excited about the work we’re doing, we’d greatly appreciate your endorsement for this honor: