Patient Story

Humor is powerful in healthcare, but stories will change the industry.

A few weeks back, I put a few questions out to the Twittersphere to see what kind of responses I might get for HealthSparq and the #WhatTheHealthCare/#WTFix campaign. We wanted to see what caregivers, nurses, physicians, hospital admins (my people!) had to say. Its no surprise, that I got a mix of great stories.

#WhatTheHealthCare is a hashtag that brings together funny, scary and weird stories from all sorts of people. I know, I experience them everyday…

But, more than anything, the stories that came in showed the compassion and care with which people do their jobs. Many highlighted why so many of us go into health care to begin with: to help people, to be there for them and to care for them. While #WhatTheHealthCare as a campaign draws attention to the many issues faced in the industry, many of US can be the “#WTFix” for them.

Without further adieu, here is what people responded with!

Q1. What was the most unforgettable healthcare interaction you’ve ever had?



Q2. If you could change just one thing about today’s healthcare system, what would it be?

Q3. If you had absolute power for your patients, what’s the first thing you would do?