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Introducing the 2020 Patient Experience Symposium #WTFix Patient Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to introduce this year’s patient scholarship winners for the Patient Experience Symposium 2020, happening virtually from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2. There were a number of extremely qualified and deserving individuals who applied for this year’s scholarships and we hope each and every one of our applicants continue the amazing work they are doing to raise awareness and drive change in health care. We are confident that our 2020 group of patients will be a wonderful addition to the audience and the discussion.

As a quick introduction to the winners, below are their responses to the question, “If you could change health care in one way, what would it be?” You can also learn more about them via their Twitter profiles and over the coming weeks as we share their health care stories.

Barby Ingle: @barbyingle
“I would improve access to proper and timely care. It should not matter where you live or how much money you have, you should have a way to get even basic care.”

Desiree Collins Bradley: @PPIC_Online
“If I had a magic wand to change healthcare it would be to definitely make sure all aspects of healthcare are equitable. Your zip code should not determine the type of care you receive.”

Erica Johansen: @thegr8chalupa
“Healthcare needs to be proactive and outcome-oriented, not reactive. The only way to achieve that is through patient and family engagement.”

Jenna Green: @thejennagreen
“Access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare would be available to all people, no matter their illness, race, disability etc. Patients wouldn’t need to skip doses of their medications because they cannot afford them ( a current issue with rising MS drugs costs).”

Kristie Salerno Kent:
“I want patients to feel empowered in their healthcare journey and have our focus shift from our focusing solely on our illness to Planning Our Wellness (POW!)”

Melissa Crawford: @melbcb
“It will take many small tweaks, innovations, and incentive-shifts to achieve this one solution. I believe allowing breathing room: more time to form the clinician-patient relationship, more minutes to relate, to be thoughtful, to educate and communicate not under the pressure of the clock, will increase satisfaction and reduce miscommunication and errors with patients and caregivers.”

Please join us in congratulating Barby, Desiree, Erica, Kristie, Lori and Melissa – and keep an eye out for more content sharing their health care stories.

Anna Greene
I have always been passionate about bringing people together and driving positive change in the world. I am thrilled to bring my many years of marketing, engagement and community management experience to the #WTFix campaign and I love having the opportunity to highlight as many people, and their incredible stories, as possible in our push to change health care for the better!

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