#WTFix Events

Introducing the #WTFIX-A-THON at TechFest NW!

We’re kicking off our #WTFix activities for 2019 and couldn’t be more excited to share what we’re up to! Here are a few clues:

  • The first #WTFix event of 2019 will be something totally different but will remain hyper-focused on driving inspiration and ideas that can help make one person’s, one patient’s or one caregiver’s experience better.
  • The event will help provoke a new group of people to think about fixing health care differently – in this case, students and recent graduates of engineering and coding programs.
  • The event will also get #WTFix out in front of an audience that can really help drive change in health care: technology start-ups, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Finally, the event will not only get the word out about problems in health care, but will also be an exercise in finding creative solutions.

So what is this new event? We’re calling it a #WTFIX-A-THON, a hackathon to help health care.

This #WTFIX-A-THON will take place during TechFest NW, April 4-5, 2019 and brings together tech innovators, startups, entrepreneurs, and more from around the globe. This annual technology conference in Portland Oregon focused in four main areas: blockchain, future of work, smart cities and health & fitness. Our hackathon will bring together approximately 25 tech students from local Portland universities and code schools, including Portland State University, Alchemy Code Lab and Thinkful. They will team up, hack and ultimately pitch their solutions about health care ‘fixes’ to a stellar panel of judges.

At the end of the #WTFIX-A-THON, a winning team will be selected to present their project on the main stage to the full TechFest NW PitchFest audience.

Keep an eye on our social feed and blog for even more details about the hackathon (and, of course, for live coverage) and for additional information about #WTFix activities coming up this year!

What is #WTFix and Who is HealthSparq?

Just a quick refresher on who we are and what we’re up to!

Our mission at HealthSparq is to help people make smarter health care choices. We do that by partnering with health plans to offer their members intuitive provider search and cost estimation tools so they can find the right medical care for their unique needs.

At the center of our mission is a passion for making health care better – and we believe putting people at the center of the conversation is one way to do that. This focus on people led us to create a different kind of event – What’s the Fix? – and spark a social movement, #WTFix! Our aim was, and still is, to have regular people with amazing stories teach the health care industry, rather than highlighting the health care executives and industry insiders that dominate most health care conferences. We believe that by creating, nurturing and moving What’s the Fix? forward, we put our words into action to build credibility as a brand while inspiring thousands of people to take health care into their own hands and make a positive change.

HealthSparq is a private company fully owned by Cambia Health Solutions. We’re focused on #WTFix because we believe in the power of stories, we want to humanize health care, and we want the industry to operate in a way that is people-first.