2018 Conference

Introducing the #WTFix digital host

A couple of weeks ago, we shared our commitment to creating a new kind of conference experience at What’s the Fix? by introducing a Digital Advisory Board. This team is tasked with helping us brainstorm and execute on a conference that bridges the in-person and virtual audiences in new ways to create a more inclusive, engaging and connected conference and community of #WTFix’ers.

Today we are excited to announce another huge addition to the online experience: our digital host. This person will act as an emcee and interact with both the online and in-person audiences, serving as a point of connection between the two groups. The digital host will interview speakers and attendees, collect and ask questions on behalf of the online audience in the room, and create some online-only content to keep our online audience engaged during in-room downtime.

So who is this year’s digital host, you might ask? MEET AMBER SOUCY (AKA @WHEEZYNURSE)!

We are thrilled to welcome Amber as our first ever digital host. Her compassion, humor and commitment to her patients – and to changing health care – embody the spirit of individuals seeking to make positive change.

A few words from Amber:

As a nurse, my entire career revolves around the patient. I am the first person patients call for treatment, information and education. I’m a patient advocate, a teacher and a caregiver. I’m a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on.

So if I hold power over patient care, patients should as well. 

As health care professionals, we need to be able to give patients the power over their treatment plans. We need to give patients the dignity and respect they deserve. Providers should be tailoring care around patient-specific goals. We need to give patients the opportunity to make informed medical decisions.

The HealthSparq community is committed to kicking the hell out of health care. Are you?

And, a bit more info about Amber’s background:

Better known as @WheezyNurse on Twitter, Amber is a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts who focuses all of her clinical nursing efforts on bettering the patient experience. As the digital host of this #WTFix conference, she hopes to share her personal insight as to how bedside nurses can improve patient/provider communication, better patient outcomes, foster therapeutic nurse-patient relationships, build and maintain trust, spread compassion, and incorporate humor in direct patient care. Amber is a Master’s of Science in Nursing graduate student with a concentration in nurse leadership, a member of the Breakthrough Crew and the Society for Participatory Medicine, and an avid supporter of HealthSparq through tweet chat hosting and blog postings.