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Virtual Event: What People Really Want From Health Care Price Transparency

As you may have heard, the U.S. government recently mandated that health plans provide more transparent information about health care pricing for their members. While we believe this is a big step in the right direction for health care transparency, we have to ask: what do people actually want and need when it comes to understanding how much they will pay for health care services?

To help answer that question, we’re hosting a virtual event with World Health Care Congress on March 11 at 12pm ET as part of our #WTFix initiative. As always with #WTFix events, we’re bringing the patient voice to the center of the conversation. Four panelists will come together with HealthSparq’s Alison Greco to share their experiences with health care costs, health care transparency tools, and how they navigate the complexities of getting care.

Health plans in particular can gain insights from panelists as they work to meet these new government mandates, but all are welcome to attend and hear what people really think about—and want from—health care transparency efforts.

Here’s a bit more about what we’ll discuss during the event:

  • The real-world experiences and opinions of four diverse health care consumers
  • What health care pricing information people really want and how they want to access it
  • How health plans can go above the mandates to provide meaningful support to their members

Ready to join us on March 11? REGISTER NOW!

Heather Burton
Heather is the Vice President of Marketing for HealthSparq and loves to have a hand in telling amazing stories. She's been involved with #WTFix since the first event in 2017 and loves highlighting stories of people doing amazing things to change health care for the better.

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