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Now Accepting Scholarship Applications to Attend the Patient Experience Symposium Online

Last year, as part of our efforts to amplify the patient voice among health care industry leaders, we asked the organizers of the Patient Experience Symposium if they would be interested in partnering with us to create a different kind of sponsorship for their event. Our idea was simple: Let us fund scholarships for two patients to be part the conference.

We believe patients should always be included in the conversations at health care conferences – they are who we serve and bring a variety of unique questions and opinions that can shift the typical discussion that may otherwise occur between health care “insiders.”

The Patient Experience Symposium was more than happy to work with us, and we were thrilled to welcome Lisa Deck (@lbdeck) and Emily McIntosh (@mcintose) to Boston in May 2019 to attend the event. Their presence was such a success that we decided to once again sponsor the Patient Experience Symposium to offer patient scholarships.

This year, we had planned to offer the same type of scholarship and looked forward to welcoming two patients to the in-person event in Boston. With all that’s happened due to COVID-19 and everyone’s safety in mind, we are thrilled to now be able to offer six patients scholarships to attend this year’s new online event offering from September 30-October 2. We are looking for as many ways as possible to ensure patient scholarship recipients have their voices heard during the event and are able to meaningfully contribute to conversations, while we are all safely at home. Below are a few more details and we encourage you to apply.

What’s included with the scholarship?

Six individuals will be selected to receive a full online access pass to attend the conference virtually from September 30 – October 2. Recipients will also be given a $25 gift card to order lunch during the event and be invited to participate in podcast interviews with Mike Biselli.

Recipients will be selected using the following criteria:

– Need of support to attend the event

– Current and past work toward driving change in health care

– Passion to drive change in health care

– Personal health care story

– Potential to gain personally and professionally from attending the conference

The deadline to apply is August 26, 2020. Interested in applying? Please click here!