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Once passive patient takes control of her health, becomes ‘health detective’

Mette Dyhrberg spent almost two decades of her life sick, frustrated and thinking that doctors were going to fix her.

“My health issues showed up early as autoimmune conditions,” says Mette. “By the time I was 20, things were out of control. I spent the first half of my 20s in and out of ERs and doctors’ offices. The response I got from many of those providers was that it was all in my head.”

At just age 25, Mette had a cardiac event and was diagnosed with six autoimmune conditions. For years, Mette believed that if she surrounded herself with the best medical teams she would have the best chances to live disease free.

Then, after a decade on immunosuppressants, her doctor team told her they had great news because she wasn’t going to die in the immediate future and that they were happy with her numbers.

“That wasn’t an acceptable answer for me, and that day, I became an empowered patient,” Mette recalls.

She started paying attention to everything she consumed by journaling and realized how much of an impact what she ate had on her numbers. She began to isolate foods and kept a detailed spreadsheet. She investigated everything. After 16 months, she’d solved the puzzle of her health.

“I’ve been drug and symptom free for seven years,” says Mette. “I learned that one size does not fix all and that we need to dig deep to understand our own body’s feedback loop. Once you understand correlations, you can take control.”

Today, Mette has become known as a health detective and has taken what she’s learned and founded Mymee, a digital therapeutics program that helps detect triggers to reverse autoimmune disease symptoms. Many of her clients are those who’ve spent years living with unsolved health issues severely affecting their quality of life.

“It’s really humbling to see people’s lives change,” says Mette of her work with others. “People get to a point where they feel out of options and helping those people get their lives back is the best work I can do.”

Mette will share more of her story and tips for others at What’s the Fix on May 17.

“I love the concept of What’s the Fix? because the more people who come together, the more likely you can change something in the world,” says Mette.

About Mette:

Mette is a digital health innovator. An economist turned diagnostician, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of anamnestic data. She first entered the functional medicine arena in an attempt to tackle her own chronic health issues. In her early twenties, she became severely ill. She went from earning top grades to being unable to read a book, from working as a model to being overweight and heavily medicated. For years, Mette battled a constantly changing and ever expanding array of medical diagnoses. In 2011, she took matters into her own hands, hacked her own health and founded Mymee. In doing so, she created a tool that solved her health problems and soon began helping others do the same. Mymee is a digital therapeutics program that helps detect triggers to reverse autoimmune disease symptoms. Her coaching methods have already helped restore quality of life of people who had been failed by the modern medical system.