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Time 2 Meet + Time 2 Talk = Time 4 Change

In the scheme of things, my time spent working in the health care industry wasn’t very long. Only about 4.5 years, or 14% of my career. In those 4.5 years, however, I realized that I’ve actually been working in health care my whole life, and I won’t ever stop. That realization, and the passion it drove, is what led me to the Society for Participatory Medicine (or SPM). But, more on that in a minute.

Unfortunately, the fact is that many of us are forced to spend big parts of our lives working in health care. Whether it’s our own health issue, or that of a friend or family member, we have to interact with the health care system frequently and often in times of distress. And you know what? Whether you’ve started your full-time job with health care yet or not, I bet we can agree, the system just sucks. When you compare the emotion involved in health care, the time spent, and the results, it’s not an equation that adds up.

That’s why I ended up at SPM and caring enough to be President. While in the health care marketing world, I developed a passion for making change and trying to fix the F%$#d up system we all have to deal with. And when I left health care marketing, I needed to stay connected.

SPM is a group of people who care and who want to drive change in health care. We are unique in that we are the only organization that brings together patients, caregivers and health care providers, the essential ingredients for fixing health care. Yes, policy makers, health care technology, executives, and others are also needed to make change, but you can’t make real change without the people on the ground, living the system day in and day out.

And that brings me to our conference, Time 4 Change, taking place on October 15 in Boston. It’ a conference that is not about hearing talking heads. It’s about the conversations that will make change. It’s not about being talked at, it’s about being challenged, active discussion and acting upon how to overcome the biggest challenges facing the health care system today.

Whether you can be in Boston or not, I’d love for you to take a look at our newly launched Manifesto, which is really a combo-festo of Manifesto and Pledges. The Manifesto piece explains who we are. But the power, is in the pledges.  The pledges are all “I Will” statements. Those statements embody who we are and what the conference is about.

So join us – in Boston and as an SPM member committed to our manifesto. Take your current and future profession in health care to a more actionable level. Because if you don’t help drive the change, it just won’t happen.