2017 Conference Tips & Advice

Everything you need for the #WTFix Conference

We are so thrilled to have an amazing group of online attendees who’ve decided to spend time with us as we discuss changing health care at the What’s the Fix? conference. Thank you for joining our movement. We’ve created THIS KIT (pdf) to serve as your playbook for the day, helping you stay engaged and connected to the conference and speakers, but most importantly, to one another. Don’t forget to stay logged-in on Twitter and the livestream and use hashtag #WTFix in your comments about the event.

Get Your Commitment On!

First, download and print this handy-dandy #IAmTheFix Kit to use throughout the day as you make your commitments to change health care. It gives you all the conference info, but also helps you get your commitment to change health care written down as a reminder to yourself and your communities that you are committed to make change.

You can choose one of the categories listed on the commitment card, or create your own! No matter how you interact with health care, there is a way that you can commit to change.

  • Patients and caregivers can use their voices and stories to drive improvement by sharing their stories with those that need to hear them, advocating for change, and helping other patients navigate the confusing health care system.
  • Business professionals who work at health care companies big and small can commit to bringing real patients and caregivers’ experiences into their workplace to remember who it is that they are serving at the end of the day.
  • Health care workers and those on the front line of care can ask patients for feedback regularly and incorporate ideas from patients and caregivers back into the healthcare system.

For some, commitments might be simple – just talking with, and really listening to, someone living with an injury or illness, or someone caring for a patient. Others might decide to commit to writing a blog post, or to sharing their personal story over social media or in their local newspaper. For others, such as those who have a job working at a health tech company or a health care consulting firm, that commitment could be more involved and strategic, such as convening a patient focus group or hosting a lunch and learn in order to broadcast the power of patients’ stories in the office.

We know that no one person can make all of the changes that need to be made in health care, but we are inspired by all of you who are joining us – and for the weeks and years to come – in making a commitment. Together, we will make a difference.

Download your #IAmTheFix Kit here!

Anna Greene
I have always been passionate about bringing people together and driving positive change in the world. I am thrilled to bring my many years of marketing, engagement and community management experience to the #WTFix campaign and I love having the opportunity to highlight as many people, and their incredible stories, as possible in our push to change health care for the better!

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