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Patient Experience Symposium 2020 Interviews

Thanks to Desiree Collins Bradley, Barby Ingle, Jenna Green, Erica Johansen, and Melissa Crawford.

#WTFix Virtual Patient Panel

Thanks to Alison Greco, Grayson, Keisha, Erron, and Andrew for this event.

Be a Better Patient

“As a survivor and patient, I’ve lost much in my life but also know...

2018 #WTFix Speakers: Bodo and Lorelei Hoenen

Bodo and Lorelei Hoenen

2018 #WTFix Speaker: Bryce Olson

Bryce Olson

The other side of impossible

Join Susannah Meadows in her What's the Fix presentation titled The Other...

Moms: Health care’s secret weapon

Join Beth Lambert, Amy Gleason, Jennifer Guistra-Kozek, and Madiha Saeed,...

Bridging the gap between caregiver and industry changer

Join Tami Rich in her What's the Fix presentation titled: "Bridging the...

Using YouTube to bring the patient experience to life

Join Jameson Rich and Morgan Gleason in thier What's the Fix presentation...

Building the artificial pancreas open source

Join Dana Lewis in her What's the Fix presentation titled Building the...

One family’s desperate quest to cure their son’s epilepsy

Join Fred Vogelstein in his What's the Fix presentation titled "One...