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5 Tips for Attending #WTFix Virtually

Normally in the weeks before a conference I am making checklists to ensure...

by Max Stroud May 2

Stop the Flashy GIFS

A few years ago, I developed a seizure disorder known as migralepsy One of...

by Barby Ingle April 26

We don’t do your kind here: Navigating hair salons with Psoriasis

I’ve had psoriatic arthritis for more than 20 years but I’ve lived...

by Diane Talbert March 7

The advocate’s guide to reporting live from conferences and events

Reporting live from an event is a way of engaging your followers by...

by Marie Ennis-O'Connor June 27

Everything you need for the #WTFix Conference

We are so thrilled to have an amazing group of online attendees who’ve...

by Anna Greene June 13

3 tips to better understand your patient

The healthcare world can sometimes feel intimidating and scary for those...

by Whitney Petit January 4