People sharing stories of grit, change and hope

Improving Equity in Products: Humans Know the Way

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and after a year of a pandemic...

by Alison Greco May 23

What’s the fix? A food-secure community where adults grow, share and prepare healthy, local food

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that...

by Joy Casnovsky May 7

Finally, people recognizing people

There are a lot of awards in health care Awards for best web sites, best...

by Burt July 18

What’s next for What’s the Fix? #WTFix Wednesdays!

Since the What's the Fix conference wrapped, we’ve been busy...

by Anna Greene July 12

The advocate’s guide to reporting live from conferences and events

Reporting live from an event is a way of engaging your followers by...

by Marie Ennis-O'Connor June 27

What’s your health care superhero name?

We're all about #WhatTheHealthCare, and now we’re focusing on...

by Anna Greene February 17