2018 Conference Patient Story

2018 #WTFix Speakers: Bodo and Lorelei Hoenen

When Lorelei Hoenen was just Five years old, she became hospitalized, unable to talk and struggling to breathe. The majority of her body was paralyzed due to acute flaccis myelitis (AFM) – a rare condition that affects the nervous system. While most of her body recovered, her left arm remained completely paralyzed…which set the plan to build a robotic arm in motion.Bodo and Lorelei will both take the stage in Austin on May 17 to share how Lorelei is doing today, how they are helping others dealing with paralysis and why simply putting yourself out there is one of the most important things you can do when facing a medical crisis. Perhaps flying Barbie will make an appearance, too!
Anna Greene
I have always been passionate about bringing people together and driving positive change in the world. I am thrilled to bring my many years of marketing, engagement and community management experience to the #WTFix campaign and I love having the opportunity to highlight as many people, and their incredible stories, as possible in our push to change health care for the better!

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