What’s next for What’s the Fix? #WTFix Wednesdays!

Since the What’s the Fix? conference wrapped, we’ve been busy collecting feedback and determining the next steps to keep this movement to change health care with the power of people’s stories going strong.

When we started #WhatTheHealthCare, we had no concept of #WTFix. When we started tinkering with the idea of a conference, we had no idea it would be such a success. Our original idea has continued to grow and we’re hoping to keep that momentum for change and personal connections going with a new monthly tweet chat: #WTFix Wednesdays!

While not every WTFix participant is on Twitter, we think this will be a great place to start. During the conference alone we saw over 5,700 tweets from 1,060 online participants and earned ourselves a nationally trending hashtag (#WTFix)!

We’ll be pushing the conversation, connections, and commitments even further over time, and will throw in some fun surprise special edition chats on different platforms along the way.

But most importantly, as Burt said in his recent post,

the next phase of #WTFix is all about making sure real people are front and center in the health care conversation.

By continuing to highlight people’s stories of struggle and success, we’ve made it our mission to encourage people to change the industry in whatever ways they can – both big and small.

How will the chats work? Our test model:

We’re going to be doing things just a little differently for #WTFix Wednesdays, and we’re really excited to test things out and find what works. To start out, here are the basics:

  • Chats will (in general) take place the last Wednesday of each month at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern
  • Each chat will last 30-45 minutes and be hosted by one person (potentially two that share a story) who has a story to share about why they decided to challenge a current health care status quo
  • A few days before the chat, we will publish a blog from our chat host on this blog in the format of a letter to the health care community, sharing their story and what they hope their story will change in health care
  • The chat will officially begin with introductions and a 2 minute video from the chat host
  • The host will also share their story in 5 tweets or less
  • Each chat will have the same 3 driving questions:
    • What are your first reactions to this story? What resonates with you?
    • How can we use this story to fix stuff?
    • Once you leave this Tweet chat, what are you going to do to help change things?

Mark your calendars: Upcoming chat dates

July 26 – Patient Host: e-Patient Dave deBronkart
August 30 – Host: TBD
September 27 – Host: TBD
October 25 – Host: TBD

 Help us find our hosts!

Our mission is to highlight people from all across the health care industry that are working to drive change. The Tweet chat is fully dedicated to the chat’s host, which rotates each month and is rooted in the host’s own personal story. The chat will also highlight the current projects and initiatives the host is working on, but will be focused on what drove the host to make change, not about the change itself.

Hosts will generally fall into the following categories, so if you (or someone you know!) would be interested in hosting, send us a DM!

  • Patients
  • Providers
  • Pioneers
  • Pundits

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Let us know!

Anna Greene
I have always been passionate about bringing people together and driving positive change in the world. I am thrilled to bring my many years of marketing, engagement and community management experience to the #WTFix campaign and I love having the opportunity to highlight as many people, and their incredible stories, as possible in our push to change health care for the better!

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