2018 Conference

Working to make #WTFix a true online conference

So, here’s the deal. Conferences are exclusive by their very nature. Space, location, time and cost all play a role in determining who will attend a conference – and who won’t. Too often, important voices are left out of conferences because of these factors.

When we started to plan for this year’s What’s the Fix? conference, we knew that we needed to do more to make the event as inclusive as possible. And we know that really focusing on making the digital components of the conference amazing is how we’ll do it. We did pretty well with everything last year, trying to include and address our online audience as often as possible through the livestream and Twitter. But, we know we can do better. We want to create an outstanding online conference, one that is truly engaging, inclusive, connected and fun.

We also know that we can’t do it alone. We’re not expert live streamers, or even professional event planners, so to help us figure out new ways to connect our virtual and in-person attendees and speakers, we’ve put together a team of people passionate about What’s the Fix? who raised their hands last year to help out. They’ve joined us as our newly formed (and super amazing) Digital Advisory Board. What’s their mission? Simply to help us make sure that What’s the Fix? isn’t just an in-person event with an online livestream, but a conference that feels just as much like a conference whether your sitting with us in Austin or on your couch in Boston.

Of course, we know there will be places we can improve next year and I am sure that we will learn many lessons from this year’s event, but we are going to keep pushing until we not only make our own event more inclusive, but also help provide resources for others to do the same.

As the conference gets closer, we’ll be making several announcements about how all these new online aspects of the event are going to work. But, in the meantime, we’re thrilled to share our Digital Advisory Board members with you (you can get their full bios here!):

Have an idea about how we can make this year’s event more connected between in-person and virtual attendees? Let us know!