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#WTFix Tweet Chat Featuring @BryceOlson

We’re excited to announce a special pop-up #WTFix tweet chat this Thursday, May 10! Rather than use this chat, featuring special guest host Bryce Olson (@bryceolson), to get into all the specifics of precision medicine, we thought we’d take a look at the more human side of things. The relationships, the curiosity and the change that is happening in the provider-patient relationship thanks to things like advances in precision medicine and empowered patients…and the real impact all of this is having on people in practice.

We’re looking forward to a great discussion with Bryce in the lead-up to next week’s conference and we hope you can join us!

Where: #WTFix
Guest Host: Bryce Olson (@bryceolson)
Date:  Thursday, May 10,
Time: 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT

Discussion Topics:

  • T1. As a patient, is there a time when you did what doctors told you to, without questioning the approach? What was it like?
  • T2. What did it take for you to break out of that model and start asking your doctor questions, demanding different treatment approaches, etc.?
  • T3. Have you ever done @23andMe, @Color, or another epigenetics test? How did you (or how could you) use what you learn?
  • T4. For doctors out there, do you offer molecular profiling or genomic sequencing to your #patients? Why or why not? How has it (or could it have) impacted your treatment of patients?
  • T5. How does the healthcare industry (doctors, insurers, pharma) support a patient when they go outside of the normal standard of care?
  • T6. How can providers better partner with patients to develop care plans that are tailored to each individual person and their genetic make-up?
  • T7. What opportunity does precision medicine provide a catalyst to change the provider-patient relationship?

More about Bryce:

Often sporting his ‘sequence me’ t-shirt, Bryce is focused on bringing technology and science together in the exciting area of genomics and precision medicine with a powerful message on how this saves lives. Genomic sequencing and precision medicine gave him a life he didn’t think he’d get to live.

Bryce is the Global Marketing Director for Intel’s Health and Life Sciences group and is inspired by connecting the advances in life sciences into clinical settings and helping patients understand these new opportunities. He started FACTS (Fighting Advanced Cancer Through Songs), a movement that uses the power of music to build awareness for a new way to fight cancer and bring molecular testing and precision medicine to other advanced cancer patients. In 2017, he wrote and co-produced a rock-n-roll album in support of the FACTS movement that brought together a variety of musicians and singers who are also cancer survivors.