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#WTFix tweet chat w/ @SarahKrug1 & the Words Do Matter Project!

On Monday, April 23, you’re invited to join us for a special #WTFix tweet chat with guest Sarah Krüg (@SarahKrug1) and the Words to Matter Project!

Language in health care can be incredibly confusing, and the Words Do Matter project is one initiative working to clear things up and make things more patient-focused. We’ll be discussion what word(s) we should stop using (or limit use of) with patients and/or their families and dig into why, all while exploring some alternatives.

The words we discuss will be captured as a part of the Words Do Matter project, so we’ll not only be chatting, we’ll be actively contributing to the fix!

So, what words will be discussing?

  • T1. Patient Engagement – How would you define this term? What words would you use instead? How do you feel about this term?
  • T2. Patient-Centric – How would you define this term? What words would you use instead? How do you feel about this term?
  • T3. What’s the difference between patient engagement and patient-centric?
  • T4. Patient Journey – How would you define this term? What words would you use instead? How do you feel about this term?
  • T5. Compliance/Adherence – How would you define this term? What words would you use instead? How do you feel about this term?
  • T6. Besides these terms, what are other words should we stop using? Why?

Ready to join us? Here are all the details!

DATE: Monday, April 23, 2018
TIME: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern
TOPIC: Words & Language in Health Care

About Sarah Krüg:

Sarah Krug | #WTFixSarah Krüg is the Health Collaboratory, a global innovations hub that paves the path for participatory co-design and collaboration in healthcare, and focused on amplifying the voice of the patient and caregiver in the design, development and continuous improvement of innovations. Through the Patient Shark Tank ®, over 16,000 patients and caregivers across disease states have evaluated over 700 innovations across the globe, including research, technology, and education.  In addition, The Health Collaboratory has implemented participatory co-design with patients and caregivers to launch innovations such as Prescription to Learn. Sarah is also the CEO of CANCER101, a patient advocacy organization whose mission is to help patients and caregivers navigate the cancer journey and partner with their healthcare team to make informed decisions.  She is the Executive Director and Previous Past President of the Society for Participatory Medicine, a patient: clinician member-driven organization whose mission is to enable collaborative partnerships between patients and healthcare professionals. Sarah serves on the board of the National Organization for Rare Disorders and is Research Chair of the Cancer Education Network.  

She previously held the position of Global Education Director in the Medical Education Group at Pfizer, as well as patient advocacy relations. She also established the Global Investigator Initiated Research Program at Pfizer.  Prior to joining Pfizer, Sarah spearheaded the development of the Pediatric Disease Management clinical pathways and conducted clinical research at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center. 

Anna Greene
I have always been passionate about bringing people together and driving positive change in the world. I am thrilled to bring my many years of marketing, engagement and community management experience to the #WTFix campaign and I love having the opportunity to highlight as many people, and their incredible stories, as possible in our push to change health care for the better!

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