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#WTFix Wednesday featuring @Naveen101

We’re really happy announce that for next week’s #WTFix Wednesday tweet chat will be all about the commitments we all made at #WTFix and will be hosted by Naveen Rao (@Naveen101).

Naveen helped plan the inaugural #WTFix event and produce the #WhatTheHealthCare campaign – the precursor to #WTFix. He spearheaded the idea of making commitments to change health care as a part of the What’s the Fix? conference

He’s not only an awesome part of our #WTFix family, but Naveen is also the founder of Patchwise Labs, which he created as an ideas sandbox for topics related to patient engagement, technology, and healthcare reform. 

Chat details:

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Time: 10 – 11am Pacific / 1 – 2pm Eastern
Hosts: @Naveen101
Where: Twitter at #WTFix

What will we be chatting about?

Questions and a pre-chat blog post will be shared in the days leading up to the chat. But, for this chat we’ll be following up on (and perhaps re-inspiring) people’s commitments to change health care while more broadly discussing our shared desires to change health care for the better. While we’ll root the chat in the commitments made in person and online during the What’s the Fix? conference, we will go beyond that to get new commitments, discuss ways change health care more generally, and find ways to work together to make the commitments and desires reality (or support those that have already come to fruition!).

As part of the chat, Naveen will also lead a discussion around the commitment that he made in June: To use more patient stories – storytelling more broadly – in his writing and day to day work.

A little more about Naveen

Naveen works as a creative strategist in the healthcare space. That means he alternates between researching business and policy developments, or pulling together stories about what the future of health could – and should – look like. 

He’s based in DC but has lived in Boston, Austin, and Baltimore, and his view on healthcare innovation has been shaped by the different doctors, insurance systems, and innovation ecosystems across those cities and several others. He’s interested in the emerging collision of public health, digital health, and urban planning as they create opportunities to build smarter cities.