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#WTFix Wednesday featuring @nickisnpdx

With the end of the year rapidly heading our way and the holiday season upon us, we could think of no one better to host this month’s #WTFIx Wednesday tweet chat than Nick Adkins (aka @nickisnpdx). A local of our HQ hometown and a man that started the powerful #pinksocks movement will share his story and get us all into the spirit of giving. We hope you can join us! To prep for the chat, please read Nick’s story at and see the discussion topics below!

Oh, and if you don’t already know Nick, here is a great intro thanks to his recent TEDx San Francisco talk.

Chat Details:

Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Time: 10 – 11am Pacific / 1 – 2pm Eastern
Hosts: @nickisnpdx
Where: Twitter at #WTFix
Topic: Gifting: The power of connection & empathy

Discussion topics:

T1: What does “gifting” in its truest form mean to you?

T2: Which makes you happier: giving a gift or receiving a gift, & why?

T3: How do you feel that gifting can build community? What communities are you part of that gift?

T4: What is the one gift that someone has given you that you cherish the most, & why has it remained important to you? 

T5: Which charity/ties do you like to donate your time & money to? 

More about @nickisnpdx

Nick Adkins is a former suit wearing MBA for the Vanderbilt Health Plans in Nashville, Tennessee. He was the COO at two Nashville based healthcare companies. In 2012 he set out on a new journey that took him to Portland, Oregon where he was a co-founder at a health tech startup. He currently serves on the advisory board at Cloudbreak Health, the leading video remote interpreting pioneer, and the first telemedicine market network to deliver unified telehealth solutions to more than 700 hospitals nationwide. 

Nick is also the founder of the global pinksocks movement. We see the good in the world! When you believe it, you see it. Keep doing that!