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#WTFix Wednesday – featuring @WheezyNurse

We’re honored to have @WheezyNurse (aka Amber) host our next #WTFix Wednesday Tweet chat – during a special Thursday edition of the chat!

Not only is @WheezyNurse known on Twitter for her amazing sense of humor, bringing some much needed levity to some very difficult situations, but also for her openness about the encounters she has as a nurse and the true care and passion she has for people and for her work. She is truly inspiring and we hope you can join us for a great conversation about patient satisfaction on August 31! 

Chat details:

Date: Thursday, August 31, 2017
Time: 10 – 11am Pacific / 1 – 2pm Eastern
Host: @WheezyNurse
Where: Twitter at #WTFix

More about our host, @WheezyNurse, and our topic:

Amber, better known as @WheezeNurse on Twitter, is a medical/surgical telemetry nurse in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout her four years of clinical RN experience, she has found that the more time spent by the bedside, the higher the rate of patient satisfaction. By instituting hourly rounds during her shifts, Amber is able to drastically reduce the amount of times her patients press their call lights for nursing-related requests, and this in turn reduces the likelihood of alarm fatigue. How can we all make changes in our practice to increase patient satisfactions? Join @WheezyNurse for the #WTFix Tweet Chat on August 31st and let’s discuss.

More details to come on the chat, but in the meantime, here are a few of @WheezyNurse‘s recent tweets that really sum up what we’ll be talking about on the 31st: