There is a lot of turmoil in the world today and it can seem like good things are never going to happen. Challenges come and go, but when you are struggling with a chronic illness or other health challenge, they can quickly get overwhelming. From finding the right doctor to affording treatment and getting insurance, you can feel lost while dealing with it all. At least this was how I felt and continue to feel. Some days are good and some are not, but that’s just life. How you respond to all that’s happening around you is what really matters.

Whatever it is you face each day, I want you to know that you have a tool within you that you can use to turn things around. Perhaps, you are dealing with Muscular Dystrophy like I am or with something else, you can turn the tide in your favor because you have got an enabled mind! Your mind is capable of sustaining you and propelling you forward. You are not disabled within. A disability or illness is just something you have to deal with, and everyone is dealing with something. It’s just how life is. Down moments are just that, moments, and using your mind can help you overcome those moments. Your mind has been handed to you to help you create the life that you want. And you know what? Illness cannot get in the way of that! If you are feeling at your lowest right now, plug into the power of your mind to start changing your experiences. Not all days are rosy, but I am able to create an atmosphere of positivity around me and I do that with my mind. Below are my tips for how you can maintain your positivity and pull through any circumstance with the power of your mind.

Redirect your thoughts

We hold a lot of thoughts in our minds and these thoughts create our reality. For instance, for me every day I am balancing living with Muscular Dystrophy while running my own business Girls Chronically Rock. With all of that, I still had to stay on top of my insurance to make sure I am getting my supplies, prescriptions I need and they are covered especially during this pandemic. I’ve been trying to stay strong as much as I can during this time while managing everything. I can’t believe how quickly things have changed in an instance within a year and how I had to stop going to aquatic therapy, haven’t been to doctor’s, pretty much I have not been outside. I just sometimes think to myself, ‘What you are thinking about today is what you will experience in the near future. Your mind goes to work setting into place your future experiences. But even in the present, your mind can help you better overcome or enjoy an experience. If you are facing chronic illness like I am, your mind can help you get through it more easily by providing you the faith and positive energy that you need.

Pay attention to your thoughts

The first step to redirecting your thoughts, is to pay attention to them. Everything you have done in your life started out as a thought. When you think about that, your thoughts are not something that should be ignored. Before you choose a primary care physician, you first think about it. You always take every first step in your mind. When you are thinking that your illness could get worse, and especially when they are no clinical trials available to for my specific Muscular Dystrophy, I continue to be helpful that there will be a treatment/cure one day. I know different companies are trying out different drugs and want to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and I will be forever grateful for that. When I was first diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, I had grave fears. I was constantly worrying about how often I will fall in public. When I realized that my fears stemmed from my thoughts, I was able to change that. I saw that I could get through this and I could do so while living my greatest life. So I focused on building the life of my dreams despite MD. I began to pay conscious attention to my thoughts and how they were making my days more miserable.

Practice Gratitude

Once you begin paying attention to your thoughts, you can actively work on making them more positive. For example, right now I am grateful for my health insurance and for life in general. We are all in a tough time right now during this pandemic, which may be making it more difficult to find a reason to be grateful. But you must. The fact that we are still here is a reason to practice gratitude, isn’t it? With the pandemic and all that’s going on around the world, we are thriving and that’s something we should be grateful about.

Shift your thoughts from everything that is wrong with your life to everything that is right with it. Begin a gratitude journal and look around you for everything you could be grateful for. The more open you are, the better! Is it your pet? Is it your family? Are you surrounded with love and not acknowledging it? Put this in your gratitude journal and watch how things change for you. You are a survivor. You only need to realize it. Gratitude can make you feel energetic enough to tackle all that’s going on in your life.

Utilize Positive Affirmations

The first person that hears self-doubt is you. What you say to yourself has a huge role to play in what happens to you. Of course, there are times that I feel scared and unaccepted. I feel that being a black disabled woman in this world right now is a lot. I feel like I have a double target on my back. Whenever I feel this way, I use positive affirmations. I believe that what we say to ourselves can activate the power of our minds.

As you shift your focus from the positive to the negative, you should practice positive affirmations :

  • Speak life to yourself.
  • Believe in yourself and talk about it, and take ACTION!
  • Speak wholeness, and healing, and health, and abundance.
  •  Tell yourself what you want and not what you don’t want.
  • I also tell myself, to speak into existence.
  • Be positive, Be a strong advocate and of course let your voice be heard!

Create positive affirmations that you say out loud every morning. Paste your affirmations where you can see them and activate your mind with them. When you believe and proclaim positive expressions, you are able to breathe and you begin to glow. Replace all the darkness from your thoughts with words of light, inspiration and motivation. My health is very important to me and instead of thinking that I won’t be able to get the healthcare that I should, I shift my thinking to telling myself that I am my best advocate. I have learnt to let out my voice, opinions, and concerns and I concentrate on this so that I am not preoccupied with everything that could go wrong. This gives me the strength I need to go through each day.


In closing:

Every single day is pregnant with pleasant things, but only an enabled mind can reach out and get them! Begin to shift your focus from what you do not like, from your problems to all the possibilities around you. Your disability or other health difficulty does not define who you are. Your pain shouldn’t be given license to trap you. Your healthcare challenge shouldn’t cage you. You have control over it because you can control how you experience it. Instead of experiencing fashion as limited with my disability, I have been able to work on creating an accessible fashion line that is inclusive. I don’t feel like I cannot wear what I want because I can. I just need to make it happen. In that way, I am controlling my fashion experience despite disability. You can control how you experience your health challenges and healthcare challenges too. Your perspective can make everything feel better.

You rock. But now you need to use the power of your mind to manifest health, wholeness, ease, light and a life that you enjoy. You have got an enabled mind!


Get to Know Girls Chronically Rock!

Girls Chronically Rock is my baby!!! Girls Chronically Rock LLC was inspired by Keisha Greaves whom is from Cambridge, MA whom always had a passion for Fashion and knew one day she would own her own business. Girls Chronically Rock was inspired by Keisha who was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2011 while pursuing her MBA degree in graduate school. Keisha started to feel very weird symptoms in her legs and upper body with repeatedly falling and could raise her arm up to the full extent and she knew something was not right. After doing many different testing’s, the Doctor finally diagnosed her with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Fast forward a few years later, Keisha began to cope at the fact that she had Muscular Dystrophy and knew she wouldn’t let this stop pursuing her dreams. Keisha wanted to create an apparel line something that incorporated the word “chronic” in it to abbreviate Chronic Illness. So, one day Girls Chronically Rock came to my mind and she loved it and knew she wanted that to be her business name. She wanted to create something to inspire and motivate others who maybe battling a chronic illness or going through something in their everyday life. She created a line if inspirational shirts that have many quotes/meanings and the top two are: such “Trust Your Dopeness” which means trust and believe in yourself, no matter what you maybe going through, or what to accomplish, “trust your dopeness.” Another one she says is” Hello my name is Chronically Ill Badass” which means we are awesome regardless if we have a chronic illness or not and we are proud of it.

Keisha plans to expand her Girls Chronically Rock brand with many more merchandise soon such as bags, socks and sweatshirts and many more. Keisha has also been thinking to creating a Girls Chronically Rock adaptive clothing line for people with disabilities since it is very hard for people with disabilities to get dressed on a regular basis. Keisha continues to have so many ideas she wants to do with Girls Chronically Rock business and turn it into bigger and better things under the GCR umbrella.

This empowering message is what my brand is focused on. Every one of our collection is designed to lighten people up and prepare them for their best every day. The products at Girls Chronically Rock are embellished with the inspiration that you need to keep moving. The inscriptions are not simply words on a piece of fabric but a wish to unleash our customers into all the many possibilities that is around them.

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